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How did we begin? We loved to travel, but disliked not having access to electricity consistently on our international trips.  We traveled to countries that did not have consistent electricity often and found that we couldn’t bring our solar generators with us on the plane.  We decided to take our domestic solar generator and reconfigure it to meet TSA flight requirements.  That is exactly what we did! We have flown our solar generators internationally in our packed luggage! Now, we have taken our camping generator to the next level to provide power to amazing electronics in remote places that are off-grid.  Be creative and share where you would use our solar generator, Solar Harvesting Operation Node.




We call the SHON a node because we want you to know how easy it is to use.  You simply plug and go!  It’s like taking your wall plug with you!  We created a lightweight solar generator that can go in your luggage, so that you’re not giving up one of your airline bag allowances.  You also don’t have to worry about taking extra batteries in your carry on luggage. We’ve taken the hassle out of taking your electricity with you.


Infinity Energy – Global’s solar energy will give you your home away from home.  Why go without certain amenities?  Also, you may have family that live abroad.  Do you want to give them a piece of the American life of electricity?

Users can (not limited to):

  • Charge their cellphones
  • Light their areas
  • Use light electronics
  • Power mini-fridges
  • Mini-projectors
  • And More!


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