Rechargeable Solar Light Bulb for Travel


Light is the one thing we can't do without! 

This light bulb and mini-solar panel combo brings you light where you need it.  Camping? Check!  Overseas? Check!  Power Outage? Check!  Just charge it during the day using the mini-solar panel and hang it where you need it.  Let there be light!


This light bulb is portable, solar rechargeable,  and non-fragile.  The light bulb works independently from the mini-solar panel. The palm-sized mini-solar panel's cable is inserted into the back of the light bulb for recharging.  

The combo consists of a mini-solar panel the size of your palm and a non-fragile light bulb that you can hang where you need it.  It charges during the day so that you can use it on the go. 


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