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Their Future

Infinity Energy provides the necessary energy needed to power lights for school age children so that they may study what they are learning in school. Millions of children walk over 10 miles a day to obtain an education in capital cities only to return home without lights to read. These children sacrifice their time each day and must wait for the next day to engage in what they have learned. This is all because their life stops after the sunsets. Infinity Energy can brighten their future.


Today, a billion people live without electricity, however Infinity Energy is striving to change this fact. We believe that their standard of living will be enhanced by allowing people to function outside of the hours of daylight. Children can continue their studies. Businesses can stay open longer hours at lower costs. People can relieve stress by engaging with entertainment. We harness the solar energy, store it and use it to give people life after the sunsets. Even in our daily lives, our bodies store energy to keep us moving forward to sustain life. We are using a similar process to capture solar energy.

IEG’s Blueprint

Infinity Energy has created the Solar Harvesting Operation Node (SHON), which is a distinctive port box that connects the users to a powerhouse box that acts as a generator of electricity using solar panels. We use solar panels to charge low voltage batteries for current use and storage for future use. The users interact with the hassle-free Solar Harvesting Operation Node to charge their cellphones, read school books, listen to the radio and watch entertainment all from their home or local area. These items are attached to the SHON to give access to the stored energy. The simple process user-friendly and does not need training.

Our Impact

Infinity Energy’s solar energy will impact our residential clients by allowing them to continue their daily activities at night and our commercial clients can continue to operate outside of daylight hours. Access to electricity immediately increases the population’s standard of living.

Patrons can (not limited to):

  • Charge their cellphones
  • Light their homes
  • Use light electronics
  • Refrigerators (full system)
  • Televisions (full system)